How to Pack Clothes for a Move: Tips from an Expert

Moving can be a stressful experience, and packing your clothes is one of the most important steps. But don't worry, with the right tips and tricks, you can make sure your clothes arrive at your new home in perfect condition. Generally speaking, most full-service moving companies offer packing services as an additional service. A low-budget way to move hanging clothes is to use a large drawstring garbage bag.

Place the hangers inside the bag and tighten the cords around the hanger hooks. Alternatively, you can cut a small hole in the bottom of the bag, pass the hanger hooks through it, and secure them with an elastic band or string. Professional packers will develop a personalized plan to pack your items quickly and efficiently. They use special bags, boxes, blankets, tape and shrink wrap to keep your items safe and secure.

The rolling military method is one of the best moving tricks to maximize space and prevent creasing during transport. To roll items in the right way, place them on a hard surface and turn the bottom over. Start rolling up until you reach the middle of your shirt, then start rolling from above. When both sides are in the middle, unfold the bag from the bottom you created by turning the shirt inside out and place it over the garment. Closet boxes are ideal for moving clothes on hangers.

They are sturdy enough to hold a lot of clothes and their shape makes it easy to keep wrinkles at bay. If your budget allows, be sure to add a few closet boxes to your list when deciding how many moving boxes you need. When there is a moving company in your house, you may not do anything while they are packing and moving your household items. To ensure move-in day help, let them know that there are still items there. You may also provide towels, refreshments and other things that your movers can appreciate. Using a vacuum or compression bag is a great packing tip for those who like to maximize their space and place as many boxes and bags as possible on the moving truck.

Order each cabinet individually and be sure to label and identify your boxes and bags for an easier unpacking experience. Whether your closet is crammed with hinges or rather a minimalist wardrobe, it's good to know how to pack clothes for a move. With these tips from an expert, you can make sure your clothes arrive at your new home in perfect condition.

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