How are moving costs calculated

To calculate the cost of a local move, you'll need to take the estimated number of hours to complete the move and multiply it by the hourly rate charged by the moving company. You may also need to add additional charges for things like travel time, packing materials, and tips for the moving company, if you wish. When determining the cost of a move, each moving company has its own way of calculating the costs of a move. The cost of your move also depends on whether you want other moving services, such as packing, unpacking, storing and making custom crafts.

However, to make sure you know the actual cost of your move, you need to get a binding price estimate on the site of a reliable moving company. While hiring a full-service moving company isn't the cheapest way to move, it's certainly the most convenient. The moving company must conduct an in-person inspection or video survey of your belongings before giving you a quote. Opting for a full-service move means you'll pay for moving supplies along with labor to pack your entire house, load boxes, furniture and appliances into the truck, drive your items to the new location, unload everything from the truck, and unpack.

Usually, a trip fee (for the time that carriers will spend arriving at the pickup location) is also added to the cost calculations. Long-distance movements take a lot more time, meaning you'll pay more for the driver's time and effort. All interstate moving companies are required by federal law to offer released value protection and full value protection to customers. The distance and quantity of goods being moved are two of the most important factors in determining how much it costs to move.

So, whether you're looking for local or long-distance movers, check out our recommendations for top professional moving companies. If you can schedule a midweek move, you're likely to find lower rates and more availability in most areas. The actual weight of the shipment, the exact distance to your new home, and the additional services you use will determine the final cost of your cross-country move.

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