How Far in Advance Should You Start Packing for a Move?

One of the most common questions people ask when planning a move is how soon they should start packing. The answer is simple: as soon as possible. You can begin packing months in advance if you want, but the ideal time to finish packing is two to four weeks before the move. This will give you enough time to properly pack everything in boxes and get ready for the move.

The more you pack and are ready to go, the less money you'll spend on your moving company. When packing, it's best to do it by room rather than by item. Label your boxes with the room they belong in so that it's easier for those who are helping you move when you arrive at your new home. Doing this will also make it easier for you to unpack after the move.

To make unpacking even easier, write a short inventory on the boxes so that you know where everything is packed. Once the boxes are packed, store them in a designated packing room or storage unit. Before you start packing, have each family member pack a small suitcase with a few changes of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and medicines. A good strategy may be to start organizing and packing the rooms and areas that are farthest from the heart of the house.

Be sure to properly wrap all fragile items in several layers of bubble wrap and put them on the edge (plates, mirrors, photo frames, etc.). You can start packing just a few days before the big day and go packing, or even hire professionals to do the work on the same day you move. Seasonal items such as winter clothing and lawn equipment that won't be needed before the move can be packed sooner rather than later. As you pack the boxes, be sure to label the top and sides of the boxes with their contents, their location in your home, and any special instructions such as fragile or open first.

It's not until you start preparing your items for the move that you realize how many things you actually have. Make sure you have boxes of different sizes; having a good mix of smaller boxes and larger boxes will make the packing process easier: use small boxes for heavier items and large boxes for lighter items. Call your moving company to determine how soon certain items should be packed and if there is anything you need to do to prepare them. If you only have large boxes, you will end up filling up free space with piled paper and waste packaging material as well as space on the moving truck.

Some items such as a piano or a personalized piece of art may require special packaging or transportation that must be planned in advance. Empty spaces are scarce once drawers and cabinets are emptied, so claim your space before suitcases and moving start. When packing your bags for your move, first decide what is going to be moved. To do this, you will also have to pack them well in advance - usually a couple of months before your move (or more depending on how far away your destination country is). Most people intend to start packing but don't know how to do it.

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