Is it faster to pack or unpack?

As tempting as it is to postpone unpacking the boxes, just dive in and take them one box at a time. Unpacking will be much easier and faster if you follow some rules. If you are comfortable in the moving process, it is possible to unpack your house in about a day and a little longer to decorate your new space. This way, unpacking can start in an organized manner and you'll find that it's quicker and easier to unpack everything.

If you know that the TV or gaming system will distract you, leave those items until last and unpack the others first. The process of packing, transporting and unpacking all your belongings without damaging anything is a test that many people fear. For the rest of the cookware you use only occasionally, find a place for them in a cupboard or pack them to take to your attic or basement for later. Your moving company should be able to unpack for you, but if not, you can hire helpers from a service like Taskrabbit to lend you a hand.

It's a good idea to unpack the rooms or items you're going to use first, and the answer may be different for each person, however, most people start in the bedroom or kitchen. Keep in mind that the kitchen is the room you need the most time to unpack, due to the number of small, heavy and fragile items. Installing shelving and cabinet organizer units first will make unpacking more productive and save you work in the future. If you think you'll be distracted, don't do it until you finish unpacking in the rest of the room and other rooms in your house.

For now, unpack the essentials (your everyday items and any items you need to hang up as soon as possible) and come back for the rest later. Unpack a box of off-season clothes that you set aside when you unpacked your room and other items, for example, in a closet in a hallway or spare room, wherever you want them to live. Bathroom accessories are already functional enough when you move in, as long as the water is turned on, but you'll have to quickly unpack towels, toiletries, and other bathroom items. If you have a huge house to unpack, maybe order food the first night and keep it until the next day, when you've had time to make a fresh cup of coffee.

You're almost done, your guest room is the last room you'll ever unpack and you've learned the correct order to do it.

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