What are the steps to packing a move?

General Moving and Packing TipsPack similar items together. Start packing each box with a layer of filling—it can be newspapers, bubble wrap, or household items such as blankets or towels. Label each box by room and by its contents, pack a box with the essentials. Refrain from filling boxes to the brim.

There is a proper process and order. Things heavy on the bottom, light on the top. Keep fragile items together in their own box. No amount of wrapping paper will protect your grandmother's vase from your cast iron skillet.

Use this handy guide for a step-by-step approach to packing furniture, lamps and tableware for the move. Important tips to prevent breakage during transport are also included. Before you start packing, take the time to get rid of old or tattered clothes, recycle books you won't read again, and throw away other items that take up unnecessary space in your house. Although the bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, it is the place that requires a lot of patience when checking each drawer, trash can and shower organizer to decide what to pack and what to throw away.

The labeling of the boxes is what makes the unpacking process easier, as the moving company can ensure that the boxes go directly to the correct rooms in your new home. Order or buy box cutters, adhesive bandages, permanent markers, packaging tape, paper towels, and garbage bags. Depending on their age, each family member should be in charge of their suitcase from the suitcase to the day of the move to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Whether you are looking for specific tips on how to pack or if you need some ideas to eliminate clutter or reduce the risk of injury, the following tips for moving will make you feel like an expert in no time.

Make a real effort to stay focused when packing and you'll see your packing speed exceed the speed limit in no time. The golden rule of packing states that the more things you have to pack, the more money you'll have to pay for their actual transportation to your new home. If you find yourself putting things off, it's probably because you can't decide what to pack first when you move. If you're slow to pack knick-knacks, it's easy to get overwhelmed at the last minute by these little pieces scattered all over the house.

Believe it or not, having brief downtime breaks to do something enjoyable can allow you to rediscover your purpose and then repack even faster. When you are ready, fill the remaining space with a suitable filling material (shredded wrapping paper works best). Pack a special moving box, or even a few, with absolutely essential items you need on a daily basis.

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