What Do Professional Packers Do on the Move?

Are you preparing for a state or international move? Do you have a busy schedule, pets or small children? If so, hiring a team of professional packers and carriers can help streamline your moving process, saving you valuable time. These full-service providers are a one-stop shop for all your relocation needs, managing everything from packing your belongings to helping you find reliable storage solutions. Before the packers arrive, you can also request the purchase of boxes or special materials directly from your moving company. As for the travel fare, it is usually a round trip that is based on taking packers from your premises to your home. When it comes to packing and moving, professional packers can make the process much easier.

In addition to unpacking the boxes, they will unwrap everything, make a list of damaged items, store them, organize their home, assemble all furniture, and remove all boxes and packing materials. Full-service packers will ensure that all furniture is disassembled, properly wrapped, and secured with padding and protective gasket. The paintings and frames are removed from the walls and the carpets are rolled up and ready to move. Boxes are labeled and classified by room and location. Therefore, it is better to find out if something needs special treatment before the carriers and packers arrive.

One way to get an accurate price and filter out any scamming company is to have the packer provide an assessment of your home, where they go around the rooms with you and write down how many boxes they think they will need for each space. Have all your master bathroom items in your master bathroom, for example, and use signs to mark each room so packers can mark boxes accordingly. Whether it's a really valuable vintage record player or an old music box that has more sentimental than collectible value, this tells packers and movers to be very careful with these items. Packers have seen it all, so they don't want to judge, but if you're uncomfortable with strangers working in your closet, a professional packing service might not be right for you. Even if it's as simple as cleaning or preparing boxes or special packaging, take advantage of the time before your balers arrive to prepare wisely.

No matter how many things you want to pack professionally, a professional packing service will offer trained packers who will come to take care of the items (or rooms) you designate and pack everything effectively and safely. Avoid any company that can't answer basic questions about their packing service, such as packers' experience handling certain items, whether they conduct criminal background checks, or what policies apply if their things are stolen or damaged. Other items you might consider hiring a professional packer for are candlesticks, antiques, porcelain, vases, valuable artwork, and fragile furniture. However, most companies lower the hourly price the more packers you book by the hour, or vice versa, so it may be worth booking a little extra time and adding another room to save money. If you have competing priorities, you should seriously consider hiring professional packers before your next move.

This is especially true if the packers arrive separately from the moving team, or if the packers come on a different day than their actual move.

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