What Professional Packers and Carriers Do to Help During a Move

Professional packers and carriers are responsible for expertly wrapping and packing items in a home. They can pack more efficiently and effectively than most of us, as it is their job. Full-service packers will ensure that all furniture is disassembled, properly wrapped, and secured with protective padding and gasket. The paintings and frames are removed from the walls and the carpets are rolled up and ready to move.

Boxes are labeled and classified by room and location. With the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be tempted to avoid packers altogether. You can practice social distancing and be available to answer questions throughout the day. In addition, cluttered homes are inefficient workspaces. The more you clean before the packers arrive, the faster and more efficiently the packers can work.

Before your move, professional packers will develop a personalized plan to pack your items quickly and efficiently. Full-service carriers use special bags, boxes, blankets, tape and shrink wrap to keep your items safe and secure. They can also pack items for long-term storage or for long-distance moving. Conventional wisdom says it's best to clean up after the packers are gone, but that's not necessarily true. Cluttered homes make workspaces inefficient, and the more you clean before packers arrive, the less you'll have to do after they leave, when you're already tired and moody.

Ask the company in advance what its protocols are. Whether you're moving interstate or internationally and you've decided to bring your vehicle, some moving companies can help. Certain professional carriers offer vehicle and pet transfer services to customers, making sure your furry babies and cars are with you. Instead of going back and forth to agencies to ask about quotes, contact Allied to arrange a smooth move. Our teams have a comprehensive network of specialists to help you get your belongings, vehicles and pets where they need to go. Here are the top 10 things you need to do before packers come to pack their stuff.

The moving process will turn into an unwelcoming and stressful disturbance for all members of your family, and the arrival of professional packers is just the beginning. So, make sure everyone is fairly safe to prevent your move from being traumatic as well. Keep your children and pets 100% safe, preferably in a room as far away from the packing action as possible. Arrange for people you trust to stay with your loved ones while your hired packers do their jobs. If you have competing priorities, you should seriously consider hiring professional packers before your next move.

Since the total weight of your shipment will largely determine the price you'll have to pay in the end, you need to get rid of all the things you won't ever need again before professional packers knock on your door. Before the packers arrive, you can also request the purchase of boxes or special materials directly from your moving company. Have all your master bathroom items in your master bathroom, for example, and use signs to mark each room so packers can mark boxes accordingly. A great way to prepare for professional carriers and packers is to ensure the safety of all family members, including any pets you may have indoors. It is the responsibility of the company to send the right number of packers to do the job the way you prefer and in a timely manner. To prevent these items from being unintentionally packed, reserve a bedroom, closet, or bathroom and make sure packers know it's a no-go area. This means that customers book our packers for at least two hours, not that packing alone takes two hours (which is impossible for a moving company, anyway).

When you move works of art, including sculptures and exhibition pieces, FlatRate has specialized packers and carriers capable of moving and configuring lights and exhibits of the caliber of a museum. As for the travel fare, this is usually a round trip based on taking packers from their premises to your home. You may not be a professional packer, but you should know how to pack your precious collection of small fridge magnets for added peace of mind. Whether it's a really valuable vintage record player or an old music box that has more sentimental than collectible value, this tells packers and movers to be very careful with these items. Skip any business that can't answer basic questions about their packing service, such as packers' experience handling certain items, whether they conduct criminal background checks, or what policies apply if your things are stolen or damaged.

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