What is the easiest way to pack clothes?

Keep clothes on hangers when possible. Keep clothes folded in dresser drawers. Remember to line suitcases and cardboard boxes with wrapping paper to protect your clothes. Use plastic containers to store clothing that you won't be using soon.

Sorting your clothes is one of the most efficient ways to pack clothes for moving. First, pack clothes out of season, preferably clothes for the season opposite to the one you are in. If it's summer, pack winter clothes for starters and vice versa. Traveling doesn't mean you can't bring your favorite shampoo and facial soap from home, even if they don't sell your favorite brand in travel-size bottles (usually 3 ounces).

Before your trip, try buying some empty travel-size toiletries. Take a look at this set that we found on Amazon. One Lomb Memorial Drive Rochester, NY 14623 585-475-2411. You can also add extra layers of old clothes between garments when you start packing them by adding an extra shirt or pair of pants between them. This allows you to pack all your clothes and shoes without having to rummage through the boxes if your move is delayed.

As for accessories, pack them in smaller boxes or in a suitcase so they don't get lost or spoiled. Put your own change of clothes along with one or two for your child in a small backpack so they are prepared for anything on moving day. Using a packing service to make your move easier doesn't mean you can't do the work yourself, it's a smart way to prioritize and transfer the burden of packing to others. Packing your clothes might seem like a simple task, especially if you thought you could get away with throwing everything away in boxes for no rhyme or reason.

By ordering, donating and organizing your clothes properly, you'll save time packing and unpacking. Sometimes, when you're wearing packing straps, it's not the time to bring your most colorful shirts and pants. Instead, be sure to pack the shoes in their shoe boxes if you have them, or fill them in a larger box with socks. The main issues of moving clothes are, of course, how to pack clothes without creasing, how to make sure they stay clean, and how to keep clothes organized when moving.

We have a team of professional packers waiting for your call eager to help you pack your clothes or other belongings for move-in day. You can even use some of your old clothes to pack other fragile items and fill the empty gaps in your boxes. The distance and amount of clothing involved in a move will help determine which of these clothing packing techniques will work best. You should also consider packing a change of clothes for the day after your big move, as you probably won't have unpacked by then.

If you're on an incredibly tight budget and have a fragile pack of items, try this favorite trick of hungry students.

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