What should you not pack when moving?

What NOT to pack when movingHousehold cleaners. Cash, wills, deeds, jewelry and other valuables. Household cleaners should also not be packed in moving boxes because they are likely to contain ammonia or bleach. When moving truck chemicals are combined with these cleaners, they can emit dangerous fumes, cause a fire, or become fatal fumes.

Under normal circumstances, you should have no problem identifying the most time-consuming work on your moving schedule because it will undoubtedly be the job of packing for a move. From moving checklists to packaging materials, we've been helping families move their memories for over 88 years. Your local food bank will be happy to take them out of your hands, saving you on the unpacking process and on cardboard boxes & refrigerators. Daily cleanliness, beauty, and potentially flammable items are safe when stored in the garage, workshop or under the sink, but they're perfect examples of what you shouldn't pack when you move in.

Add the moving company's policies on what they are going to move and what not, along with state laws on what can and cannot be transported across state lines, and you'll need a little help figuring out what to pack. Now that you have a solid list of what not to pack when you move, you're ready to put together everything you can carry on the moving truck. Choosing items to pack or leave behind requires some finesse, but leaving hazardous materials out of moving vehicles is simply good science. Sure, there are tons of recommendations on how to pack your house (like these tried-and-true moving and packing tips from the PODS blog), but what often gets less attention is what you shouldn't pack when you move in.

As a result, there are a fair amount of things you shouldn't pack when you move in, so-called disallowed or simply not allowed items. You have to set up a packing schedule, throw a packing party, and generally make time to sort and pack your belongings. Now, let's take a closer look at what items you shouldn't pack to move simply because long-distance movers won't move them for you. Before you throw your everyday household items in new moving boxes, evaluate whether it's safe to pack them.

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