What will packers not pack?

Take out the items you are going to move yourself. Here are the top 10 things you need to do before packers come to pack their things. The moving process will turn into an unwelcoming and stressful disturbance for all members of your family, and the arrival of professional packers is just the beginning. So, make sure everyone is fairly safe to prevent your move from being traumatic as well.

Keep your children and pets 100% safe, preferably in a room as far away from the packing action as possible. Arrange for people you trust to stay with your loved ones while your hired packers do their jobs. Yes, you'll have to clean up a little after the packers are gone, but starting with a clean house makes it much easier on a busy moving day. In addition, cluttered homes are inefficient workspaces.

The more you clean before the packers arrive, the faster and more efficiently the packers can work. With the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be tempted to avoid packers altogether. You can practice social distancing and stay available to answer questions throughout the day. Ask the company in advance what its protocols are.

Some packers and carriers handle houseplants in local moves, but they will usually ask you to sign an exemption in case they die or are damaged. Especially if you're moving during the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be tempting to avoid packers as much as possible. If possible, arrange for your children and pets to spend the day with friends, neighbors, or family while packers are on site. I'll have a little more to say about how to treat your packers and truck loaders in my post about moving day, but for now, know that this is a rare act of kindness.

To prevent these items from being inadvertently packed, reserve a bedroom, closet, or bathroom and make sure packers know it's a no-go area. Having a cooler full of water, soda and Gatorade available to packers during the day is an economical way to keep them happy and work at maximum efficiency. Whether it's friends, family or a professional service, have everything ready when the packers arrive. This helps your packers know what to write on each box, and instead of arriving at the new house with boxes that say Bedroom 2, you'll have boxes that say Children's Room.

Preparing for professional packers includes packing some boxes of essentials of things you've already placed in the no-pack area. Set up a family meeting to discuss what to expect when the packers arrive and what important role each member will play during that hectic and dangerous phase of the move. Therefore, if using professional packers is the right decision for the sake of your precious possessions, and also for your own good, then preparing for professional carriers in the right way should be your number one priority. From dealing with real estate agents, banks and utility companies, to downsizing, saying goodbye to friends and family, and enrolling children in new schools, there's a lot to think about before packers and movers arrive.

Since the total weight of your shipment will largely determine the price you'll have to pay in the end, you need to get rid of all the things you won't ever need again before professional packers knock on your door.

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