Will movers move hanging clothes?

For clothes in your closet, movers usually provide closet boxes, which are tall boxes that have a hanging rail at the top. While carriers load your other pre-packaged boxes and furniture onto the truck, you can quickly hang all your clothes inside the closet boxes. If you opt for garbage bags, you're in luck. The whole process is quite simple.

Pick up a box of 30 gallon bags and make sure they have adjustable drawstrings. Tie 5 to 10 hangers at a time or wrap them with an elastic band. Drill a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag. Then slide it over the pile of hanging clothes, passing the hangers through the hole.

Be sure to tie the bag to secure the clothes inside and prevent dirt from entering. A low-budget way and possibly the easiest way to move hanging clothes. Use a large drawstring garbage bag to tuck clothes inside while holding the hangers and tighten the cords around the hanger hooks. Another option is to cut a small hole in the bottom of the bag up, pass the hanger hooks through the hole, and then secure the hanger hooks with an elastic band or string.

This is actually the first decision you need to make before packing hanging clothes to move in. Once it does, it will make the work of Georgia's long-haul carriers easier. Therefore, they could move you around the country without problems. However, you must first know how to protect your wardrobe.

Both have advantages but also disadvantages. Then buy a couple of boxes of 30-gallon garbage bags and some twisted ties. Tall kitchen garbage bags aren't big enough, but 30 gallons seem to be the perfect size. Also, look for drawstring bags.

Use closet boxes to hang clothes. Wardrobe boxes allow you to transfer your hanging clothes directly to a box, with hangers and everything. They are cheap and easy to use. Hanging clothing should be stored in closed boxes or coat racks when traveling a long distance in a moving truck.

You can do all this yourself or you can hire professional carriers to pack your clothes, shoes and accessories. If you move a short distance, you can stack clothes hanging on a cart or hang them on a box right on the hanger. Anything that doesn't move on a hanger should be folded and placed inside a suitcase or moving box. Then, put the hangers and clothes together, place them inside the garbage bag, tighten the cords around the hooks, and then tie it closed.

If you're moving into a neighborhood, tying zippered hangers and stacking them in the back seat of a car would work just as well. With proper grooming, you can easily move clothes on hangers, shoes and accessories, but there is a right and wrong way to pack all that. Regardless of what you decide to use to pack hanging clothes for moving, you should consult the best professional cross-country moving company. Whatever the reason for your move, you will be forced to consider how to pack hanging clothes to move.

Most people have at least one hanging clothes rack in their closet, from dresses and blouses to collared shirts and dress pants. You may be able to find moving companies that offer full-service moving, including packing services, although these services usually come at an additional cost. I also verify that this is my phone number and consent to representatives from Best Cross Country Movers and its associated moving companies to contact me via email, text or phone. This method will save a lot of space, your clothes will not wrinkle and you can immediately hang them in your new home.

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